We've recently disengaged A Year of Songs from the Blogger platform and have temporarily disabled comments on AYoS archive material. We'll be creating a new comment system soon.

We've also just moved A Year of Songs from the server where it was born and grew to sprawling proportions.

The changes should be mostly transparent -- we're hoping to mostly keep all the links the same as much as possible.

That said, our old system used Windows ASP server scripting heavily. But we've decided to move forward into what we feel is the likely future: open source, open development platforms like PHP.

There are a few little details we're still tidying up. Until we get things straightened out, here are some links we hope might prove helpful:

Here is a contact form currently runningon our old server, which is still in operation to cushion us through the transition.

Here is a temporary alternative URL for A Year of Songs -- but in the next few days and hours, you may find yourself bouncing between the old server and the new as the new server ip addresses propagate across the net.

And, finally, here is AYoS author TK Major's social networking and other music.