Sunday, December 04, 2005

Burning and Bitter


I'll admit it.

I haven't always been the paragon of street-smart, wised-up self-knowledge and steely-eyed maturity that I am today.

In fact, even when I was old enough to know better but still young enough to have not yet been smacked down really, really hard, I could be a bit of a jerk.

As one of my other, much later songs had it, "I let you down hard and I blamed it all on you," which pretty much summed up my standard operating procedure in those days. Narcissitic

The slip of a song below (from 1975 or so) is a case in point.

You'd think, from the scant lyrics, that the girl in question was a she-devil, a high priestess of temptation of Biblical proportions.

She was actually a very down-to-earth, warm, passionate young working mom in her mid-twenties, a couple of kids to feed and clothe, just starting out on what would be a very successful career as a health professional. We were romantically entangled for the better part of a year, the kids and I liked each other, I liked her, she liked me... but I wouldn't commit to an exclusive relationship with her -- on principle, I said -- and she eventually blew me off a bit unceremoniously. (As I so richly deserved.)

But at least I have this song...

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Burning and Bitter

Burning and bitter
are my thoughts tonight
I can taste the poison
of the lies I heard tonight
I have seen my soul
like the falcon you gunned down in flight
You're a sorceress
you're a temptress
but you're oh
so sweet in the night

(C)1975 TK Major

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