Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Triple Zip Flip

The Triple Zip Flip

In 1996, for a few moments, I envisioned myself making a cottage industry of millennium-themed songs, of which this would be only the first.

It was, perhaps happily, the only.

Still, I did record a kind of techno house version of this song in my little project studio back in 1999, and posted it on the old it was one of my least popular tracks, ever. I gave up trying to flog it. It whimpered through the fall of 1999 with a few plays and downloads a day, while other songs got scores and occasionally hundreds. (I tried for 10 seconds to revive it in December, 2000, the true millennium eve, but I knew it was futile.)

But... look... here it is, again, America and The World.

I figure, even though the millennium was pretty much a bust, vis a vis buildup, eventually there's going to be a millennium nostalgia craze. I'm going to be there.

By the way, this special 2005 Edition of the Triple Zip Flip includes the seldom heard "lost last verse" which was really the song's punchline -- but which I cut, anyway, for reasons which may prove obvious.

Happy New Year!

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'studio version'
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The Triple Zip Flip

Some people say its the end of the world
I say "C'mon all you boys and grab a girl"
Some people tell you it's the end of time
I say "all the more reason to get off the dime"

It's been a long long journey
hope you liked the trip
c'mon everybody
do the Triple Zip Flip

Maybe there'll be famine, maybe flood
for sure there'll be suffering and rivers of blood
but that's just one more year like all the rest
another year older and closer to death

It's been a long long journey...

The mighty shall tremble
the wicked shall fall
about the same time the good folks
learn how not to crawl

judgement will come
judgement is due
let's just hope they don't
judge -- me and you

It's been a long long journey...

its just like the prophet said long ago
first there is Knowledge then the neighborhood goes
one little taste it all gets way out of hand
write a few lines of code make a world out of sand

they say Information just wants to be free
so far it's been trapped inside of you and me
but I hear that Info has got a new plan
go live in cyberspace and make a monkey out of man

It's been a long long journey

hope you liked the trip
c'mon everybody
do the Triple Zip Flip

(C)1996 TK Major

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