Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy Birthday, Baby

Happy Birthday, Baby

We're coming up on the part of the first phase of AYoS that I like to think of as The Cavalcade of Dregs.

Now, yes, before you get started, I know I've been showering you with drinking songs, girl name songs, novelty songs, bad pun songs. I understand.

And, for that matter, I don't mean to suggest that all the songs I'll be posting here in the last week or two (as I finally run out of songs that haven't been in AYoS yet) are necessarily really, really bad. (Well, a couple are. A few.)

There are even a couple of my old faves coming up, songs I used to perform regularly at gigs. And there are a couple of others that I always felt had promise but couldn't seem to capture properly. But, for one reason or another, they are songs I've been putting off.

Sill, their time has come and that time is now.

But then, just like metaphysics bookstore reincarnation, the big wheel will turn back around and I'll redo, salvage or reinvent a number of the songs I've already done, linking different versions and related songs: exploring, probing, inverting, subverting, or just plain trying to do a better job. (Well... that's a baseline.)

And, while I've stayed pretty close to my basic format of a guitar or two and a single vocal, I may be stretching in the arrangement department, as well.

For those who've suggested that I should start writing a song a day when I run out of songs, yeah... I should. But if I did there would probably be a whole lot more that turned out like today's opus: Happy Birthday, Baby.

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[Lyrics? What lyrics?. I don't need to post no stinkin' lyrics. Bad enough I hadda sing 'em.]

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