Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tech Ish

Just a quick heads up if you've had trouble visiting A Year of Songs in the last few days.

We recently migrated our large and fairly complex blog website from one server to another. That was not a problem. But we then decided to straighten out some domain name and forwarding issues... and that has involved some apparently unavoidable downtime.

UPDATE: You may experience some quirkiness visiting us in the next day but our recent changes seem to be insinuating themselves in nameservers across the internet. And, from here on out, you'll see the full URL of pages you're on, which may make it easier to bookmark a given page.

it is possible that the address you see in your browser's address bar is actually showing as our sister site, -- particularly if you came in from an old link or a search engine. And those links should be good for the forseeable future, as well.

Thank you for your continuing patience.

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