Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Gospel of Greed

Gospel of Greed
Matthew 19:24

I shoulda been a preacher.

I've got it in me.

Not the good kind of preacher, who is always there to help or talk his parishioners through life's troubles. Who gives and gives and never thinks of himself.

Not hardly.

No. Of course, I mean the bad kind of preacher.

Not necessarily Robert Mitchum in Night of the Hunter... but something on that continuum. The sinner-preacher. Seducing the spinsters and lonely housewives and cheating the men in land deals. Maybe run for office, too... makes a certain kind of sense.

And that brings us smack face to face with this song...

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Gospel of Greed

It's the gospel of greed
they call it the age of me
but it isn't just I
Honey, it's them and thee

Now it's natural to want to
take care of yourself
but when you take too much
you steal from someone else

and if you think they're gonna take it lying down
you must be some kinda politician or TV-preacher clown
riding around in your Mercedes Benz
givin money to hookers and screwing your friends

(You're singing)
I don't care if the Eskimos freeze
long as they don't sneeze on me
I don't care if the starving survive
long as they don't try to make a feast of a slice of my pie

(C)1990, TK Major

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