Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mantra of the Summer Rain

Mantra of the Summer Rain

OK... even in 1975, I knew this song was a bit, you know, what was the word we used then? Ah yes. Lame.

I mean, I really thought there was a song there, somewhere, and it would just take time before it found the surface. Or I reached into the muck of the existing lyrics and pulled out a song.

Neither circumstance came to pass.

I tried, here, to give the song a straightforward reading appropriate to its metaphysical aspirations... but I couldn't. So I ended up with a dizzyingly sloppy bizarro acoustic funk that cracked me up so much I couldn't think straight and spare you good people from my incomprehensibly self-indugent whims.

This is one of those dregs I mentioned a day or two ago. There'll be another head scratcher or two and then a couple of old faves (mine, not necessarily yours) that I've been saving for last. (Well, actually, one of them I've been been putting off because I've never actually played it all the way through. It was a song that came together over a period of time on the computer and... well, this will be interesting.)

At that point, I'll have posted all the songs from my suitcase of songs that I can stand to put in public (a lot fewer than I had imagined) and I'll once again be free to record what I want, which ought to improve the ol' band morale.

In the meantime, I'll give you license to laugh at me, if you can't laugh with me.

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Mantra of the summer rain
displace my words
still my brain
behind my sadness and the shadow of myself
behind these shapes
spirit remains

rain streaks my face
mats my hair
the past is washed away
to find nobody there
I'm clear as rain
empty as space
configurations fade
and I'm everywhere

celebrate my sorrow
use my life
watch the shadows come
while I bathe in the light

(C)1975, TK Major

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