Saturday, August 16, 2008

"He wrote some good little songs..."

Forget About the Moon


No... not dead yet.

Although regular readers may be forgiven for expecting that the next writing filling this space after some weeks of my absence might well be a tearful eulogy from a grieving friend or loved one who'd somehow managed to crack my passwords.

But... nah.

I'm still breathing and walking around.

In fact, while I was otherwise occupied I did something I hadn't done in nearly three decades: I let someone else record me in their studio. I was, as they say, dumb talent.

And it was fun.

My buddy, Reggie Ashley, himself a working musician, has a nice little studio, nothing crazy, but, with a recording booth large enough for drums, I felt pretty special... certainly a far cry from the corner of my living room I've dedicated to recording. (Of course, before I moved down here to the beach, I had my own, somewhat more elaborate recording space; but it still wasn't quite as slick as Reggie's nicely appointed little studio.)

Reg has some nice mics and some good gear but the real difference between a session working under him and doing my own recording was discipline.

As long time readers may suspect, discipline is something I've long eschewed in my own creative efforts. That's for pros, eh?

But when in Rome... and Reggie is clearly a pro, so I tried to go with the flow. And, by and large, I think it worked out.

The best part of this, though, I think, is the very cool triangle and tambourine thing Reggie came up with that underlies the song. He got this little afro-beat thing going on the triangle, and just a tap on the tambo to end the triangle phrase. It's pretty cool... He also did a tasty little mandolin part, a Nashville-tuned guitar part in the refrains, and supplied a bass drum punctuating the whole business.

All I had to do was play a little guitar, do a little singing, and sit in the booth and look pretty.

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Forget About the Moon

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